Prayer of the holy Father on Good Friday

Published on April 7, 2024

On Sunday 7th April, Archbishop Dermot Farrell celebrated Mass here in Monkstown.

He used the following prayer at the end of the Prayer of the Faithful, which was taken from the Good Friday Prayer which Pope Francis composed. A parishioner asked for a copy of this, so I list it here for the benefit of others.


When hope fades and disappointment reigns, Jesus, remember us

When we are powerless to make decisions, Jesus, remember us

When we lose faith in myself and in others, Jesus, remember us

When we lose sight of the immensity of your love, Jesus, remember us

When we think that all our prayers are fruitless, Jesus, remember us


Almighty and eternal God, conqueror of all that destroys,

By the cross of your Son, you revealed your power,

And in his weakness, your Kingdom shone forth.

May the light of the risen Christ enlighten our eyes,

So that, in the poorest of our sisters and brothers,

we may recognize his face.

Hear us, Lord – You, who are our true life and our hope,

forever and ever.