Donations and Contributions


If you would like to make a donation online using either your debit or credit card to support the parish and  diocese, you can click the pink DONATE button below, at any stage.  All donations are processed securely via Easy Payments Plus who are recommended by the Archdiocese of Dublin.

  • You will be presented with a list of various donation options to support the Parish and the Diocese. You can make either a single “once off” donation or you have the option of setting up a recurring donation which would be processed automatically every month.
  • The first time you use the system you will be prompted to register with your email address and password.  After that, you will be able to logon directly. You will receive a receipt via email for every donation made.

If you would like to find out more about where your money goes, how it is used, how the parish can benefit from tax relief from your donations, then please scroll down the page for further information.

To make a parish donation please click DONATE below.

Overview of How your Donation supports us

The primary way that parishioners support the parish is through the Family Offering Collection. People contribute to this through the weekly/monthly envelope, through a standing order, through a cheque payment to the parish and now via the website using the secure online donate facility. This is the only collection that stays in the parish.

The two collections at Sunday Mass go to the Diocese, as do the Christmas and Easter Dues.

  1. The first collection and the Christmas and Easter dues to the central fund of the Diocese from which the salaries of priests are paid.
  2. The second collection goes to Share, the Diocesan Development Fund which provides pastoral services to parishes and also supports poorer parishes in the Diocese.

If any parishioner pays €250 or more through the Family Offering Collection or through the Christmas and Easter Dues, the parish will receive tax relief on those donations. This is a significant annual source of income for the parish.

Some people may wish to give to the parish in other ways than financial. The Holy Spirit has gifted all the baptized in very personal ways for the service of the whole faith community. You may have some personal gift you could make available to the parish community. One of the most precious gifts we can give is the gift of our time. There are a great variety of ministry groups which you will see if you click here or you scroll down the menu for Parish Groups. Reading them, you might feel drawn to one or other of them.

Where Your Money Goes

Collections to support our Parish.

Envelope Collection (Family Offering), Maintenance Fund Envelope

This money is used to meet the running expenses of the parish, e.g. lighting, heating, etc. It is also used to maintain and repair the Church and Parish houses. Employees’ wages are also paid from this fund.
These are the ONLY monies available to the Parish to finance this expenditure.

If you would like to obtain a box of envelopes please leave your name and address into the Sacristy or Parish Office.

Payment may also be made by Direct Debit Forms are available from Parish Office.

We have not had a regular income since this pandemic began and the church closed in March and we have had quite a considerable expense preparing the church to reopen so we ask that you be as generous as you can to support the parish and the diocese.


Collections to support the Diocese

Common Fund Collection
This is the 1st collection taken up at Masses on Sunday and Holydays.

Christmas and Easter Dues
Christmas and Easter Dues are collected by means of an envelope.

These collections are centralised and go to make up the wages of priests working in the diocese. Pensions of retired priests and those no longer able to work due to illness are also paid from this fund.

Share Collection
This is normally the 2nd collection taken up at Masses on Sundays and Holydays. This collection is also centralised and goes to the Diocesan central office. The monies are used to assist parishes in the building and maintenance of Churches and other parish property where a parish cannot afford the outlay from it’s own resources.

If you prefer to support the parish financially, see below some information on how you can do this. Thank you.

Offerings By Standing Order

Please click on the pdf link below to download and print the standing order form. This form must be returned to THE PARISH OFFICE and not directly to your bank.

Link to Standing Order Form 



Offerings By Weekly/Monthly Envelope

The weekly and monthly offering envelopes can be obtained in the Parish Office.

Offerings by Cheque

Cheques should be made payable to St Patrick’s Church Monkstown . Please make sure to include your name and address with your offering.

For more information or if you have any query, please contact the Parish Office.