Planning For Your Wedding

We would like to congratulate you both as you set out on this wonderful journey and commitment together  and we are delighted that you wish to celebrate your wedding with us here in Monkstown Parish.  The following are some useful names and telephone numbers that we hope will help you in planning your happy day.


The first thing you will have to do after you have booked the date in the church is contact the Civil Registrar; they can be contacted by mail at:

Civil Registration Office, Joyce House, 8-11 Lombard Street, Dublin 2

Or by phone at: 018638200

Please note that you are required to give at least three months notice and you will be required to attend an interview with the registrar. For more details of the civil requirements please check

Church Requirements

A pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form for each person must be completed at least three months before the wedding by the priest in the parish you are living in, for which the following are required:

A new long form Baptismal certificate issued within six months of the proposed date of marriage from the parish of Baptism

Indication of Confirmation separate certificate if not recorded on baptismal certificate.

Proof of Freedom to Marry This can be established through the traditional letters of freedom from each of the parishes you or your partner have lived in for six months or more since the age of 18.

Or a statement of freedom completed by parents, brother or sister and witnessed by the priest in the parish where they are living.

Alternatively you can swear an affidavit before a Commissioner of Oaths attesting that you have never married civilly or religiously in any jurisdiction.

Pre-Marriage Course

The Marriage Preparation course offers you an opportunity to reflect on how you communicate, to explore your understanding of commitment and above all to spend quality time together reflecting on your relationship and your future.

A marriage preparation course can be booked at either 678-4400 or 269-841, or go to the Accord website

Early booking for these courses is essential as they tend to book out quite quickly.

The Wedding Service

Organists & Music:
The music for the wedding mass should be discussed and agreed with the priest and the organist in good time.

We ask that you please arrive on time for the wedding service.

No Confetti  Please:
Please note that the use of Confetti in the church or in the church grounds is prohibited and we would be obliged if you would inform your family and guests of this.


People often ask us what contribution they should make to the church for this celebration so below we give suggested guidelines:

Contribution to the Church: €400, this goes towards the upkeep of the Church, the light, heat, insurance and other administrative expenses. This offering does not go to the priest or deacon who celebrates your wedding with you. Obviously all or part of this offering will be waived in certain circumstances.

Donation to the priest or deacon celebrating your wedding day with you is entirely at your discretion.

We hope that the information contained above is of help to you and that all goes well.