Parish Pastoral Council

What is the Parish Pastoral Council?
The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a partnership of clergy and laity consulting and working together to enable the parish community to fulfil its vision. For many years now lay people and clergy have been working together in the parish helping to sustain what is a vibrant and caring community. The Parish Pastoral Council places this ‘leadership through partnership’ on a more secure and enduring footing.

How was the Parish Pastoral Council formed?
There has been a Parish Pastoral Council in St. Patrick’s Monkstown for many years. The Council is a partnership of priests and laypeople who together work to build up the Christian Community in our Parish. It is concerned with deepening faith through education and celebration of the sacraments, future planning for the parish, and developing lay participation.

The Role of the Parish Pastoral Council
The PPC strives to ensure ongoing good communication between all members of the faith community, the Council and Parish groups. It aims to expand and enrich the sense of ownership and participation across the whole faith community and extend welcome and outreach to new parishioners as the community expands.

Contact us:
The PPC Chairperson is Andy O’Callaghan and can be contacted through the Parish Office.