Roof Refurbishment Project

Our Heritage Church
We are blessed in Monkstown to have a beautiful parish church, which was built over 150 years ago. It was designed by the famous architect, Pugin and the stained glass windows come from the esteemed (Dublin born) artist, Michael O’Connor, who received the “Gold Award” for Stained Glass at the International Exhibition in London in 1862. The Bell Tower (Spire) which was added to the building some years later, was designed by the Dublin architect, John Loftus Robinson, whose great-great grandson, also an architect, lives here in Monkstown.

Roof Slates
In the last decade we have had a number of leaks caused by slates slipping. Remedial work was undertaken to fix these. However surveys in February 2019 have shown that rain water is penetrating where the slates were face nailed to prevent further slipping. This will lead to decay of the timber unless addressed.

Breakdown of Lime Parging
The lime parging on the back of the slates has also started to break down and a lot of this has fallen onto the ceiling.

Corrosion of Cast Iron Roof Ridging and Finials
Over time there has been corrosion to the cast iron roof ridge cresting and decorative cast iron finials. The finials are clamped together with cast iron clamps. Due to corrosion, a number of these have broken away and have fallen away as have a number of the cast iron ridge nails. This is now an urgent health and safety issue. To prevent injury we have erected netting along the south facing side of the church over the wheel chair ramp.

Restoration Project
Whilst we could risk deferring the re-slating of the roof for another few years, the urgency to remove and repair the cast iron roof ridging and finials means erecting scaffolding, which is a significant cost. It therefore makes financial sense to address the restoration and re-slating of the roof at this stage. We envisage addressing this project in three phases:
Phase 1 – Upper Roof and Finials
Phase 2 – Sacristy Roof
Phase 3 – Lower roofs over the side isles

Current Stage in Process
We are currently working with our architects and quantity surveyor to prepare invitation to tender documents which we will issue to a selection of main contractors. Upon receipt of the various bids we will have a more accurate view of the potential project costing.

We would envisage a substantial portion of the financing to come from the sale of a parish property and the balance from local fund raising. We are at present looking to establish a financing sub-committee and would welcome any offers from parishioners who have experience in fundraising for their time and expertise to help with this.