Where Your Money Goes

Collections to support the Diocese

Common Fund Collection
This is the 1st collection taken up at Masses on Sunday and Holydays.

Christmas and Easter Dues
Christmas and Easter Dues are collected by means of an envelope.

These collections are centralised and go to make up the wages of priests working in the diocese. Pensions of retired priests and those no longer able to work due to illness are also paid from this fund.

Share Collection
This is normally the 2nd collection taken up at Masses on Sundays and Holydays. This collection is also centralised and goes to the Diocesan central office. The monies are used to assist parishes in the building and maintenance of Churches and other parish property where a parish cannot afford the outlay from it’s own resources.

Collections to support our Parish.

Envelope Collection (Family Offering), Maintenance Fund Envelope
This money is used to meet the running expenses of the parish, e.g. lighting, heating, etc. It is also used to maintain and repair the Church and Parish houses. Employees’ wages are also paid from this fund.
These are the ONLY monies available to the Parish to finance this expenditure.

If you would like to obtain a box of envelopes please leave your name and address into the Sacristy or Parish Office.

Payment may also be made by Direct Debit Forms are available from Parish Office.

We have not had a regular income since this pandemic began and the church closed in March and we have had quite a considerable expense preparing the church to reopen so we ask that you be as generous as you can to support the parish and the diocese.

Thank you.

Fr. Kevin