Supporting Parish and Diocesan Finances

Published on April 20, 2024

Henry Roche, a member of our Parish Finance Committee will speak at all masses this weekend (20th / 21st April) to provide parishioners with an update on parish finances.  There are a variety of methods of making contributions from the various envelopes, the ‘tap and go’ contactless terminals as well as online and standing orders.  Henry will explain where your contributions go depending on the which of the above methods are chosen.

He will also encourage those who contribute via the envelopes to identify themselves by writing their names and addresses on the envelopes, as by doing this, all contributions make through the year can be aggregated and if the total amount over the year is in excess of €250, the parish can then benefit of further tax relief.   He will also stress the benefit of of parishioners using electronic banking or standing orders as this greatly simplifies the administration tasks of managing and counting the envelopes.

We have produced a simple pamphlet for parishioners to take home.  The contents of the pamphlet can be viewed by clicking on the image below: