Safeguarding Sunday 2023

Published on September 20, 2023

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the formation of the diocesan Child Safeguarding & Protection Service.  Safeguarding Sunday takes place this weekend.

It is important to reflect on the journey that we as a parish and as a Diocese have been on over the last twenty years, especially the victims of abuse in our Church. It is also a time to reflect on the ongoing commitment by all to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults. A lot has been achieved; however, this work is never done. The safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults in our diocese is central to the Gospel values that we embrace on a daily basis.

You can read the letter from Archbishop Farrell and the Newsletter form the Diocesan Child Safeguarding & Protection Service on the following links.

Letter from Archbishop Farrell  for Safeguarding Sunday

Diocesan Safeguarding Newsletter September 2023