Throwing Stones

We all want to take a “stone” to those who create wars and traffic in violence – but before we throw, Jesus asks: What have you done to create an atmosphere of peace and acceptance in your home and community?

We want to call out and censure those politicians who manipulate the truth and prey on the fears of uniformed voters – but Jesus asks us what we have done to counter the fears and disinformation that the powerful use for their own selfish ends.

We want to put an end to the irresponsibility of those whose selfish choices strain our charity and social services – but, before pulling the plug, Jesus asks us to listen to their stories and be ready to hear things we don’t want to hear or expect to learn in the encounter.

The Gospel does not call us to be God’s hammers; to follow Jesus is not about using “stones” to change the sins of others. The Kingdom of God that Jesus reveals begins with realizing our own sins and failings, our own responsibility for the state of our world, our own need to change our attitudes and perspectives.

We need to realize that we have more in common with the woman “caught” than with the enforcers ready with their stones.

As we continue on our Lenten journey and in light of today’s Gospel let our prayer be:

Christ Jesus, instill in us the grace and hope that enables us to drop the “stones” of anger and self-centeredness we are all too ready to hurl at others. In recognizing our own need for forgiveness, may we forgive others; in taking your hand to regain our own balance, may we readily take the hand of those who stumble; in seeking healing for own hurts, may we be sources of consolation and care for those in pain and crisis.