The first light of Jesus’ resurrection is reconciliation

On the Easter Monday the Gospel of the mass is Matthew 28: 8-15    “Do not be afraid. Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.”

That word “Brothers” stuck with me.

They are still his brothers.

Despite their abandoning him and denying him, Jesus continues to consider them his “brothers.”  Despite their scattering after his arrest, the Risen Jesus seeks to meet them in Galilee.

The first light of Jesus’ resurrection is reconciliation. In raising Jesus from the dead, God exalts forgiveness and his Son’s Gospel of reconciliation. Most of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances in the Gospels are touching moments of forgiveness and reconciliation: Jesus reconciles with those who failed him in his passion and restores hope to communities that have been torn apart by his death.

May the first light of  Easter illuminate our reconciling with those we have forgotten are still our “sisters and brothers”.


O God, in raising up your Son from the grave you have raised us up to new hope that our lives may be re-created in your love. Let reconciliation and forgiveness be our Alleluia of thanks and praise for the possibilities we have to bring Easter peace to our brothers and sisters.