Ministry of the Eucharist

Ann Acres
Parish Office

Ministers of the Eucharist help distribute the Eucharist at all Masses and bring the Eucharist to people who are housebound or ill. They are commissioned by the Parish Priest for a period of three years. The coordinator of the group is Moyna Troddyn, who is responsible for preparing the rota for the Ministers of the Eucharist.
Each rota covers a six month period. A copy is given to the ministers and is displayed both on the sacristy notice board and on the notice board in the church porch. There is always need for new Ministers of the Eucharist. Being a Minister of the Eucharist is less demanding on time than is the case with many other parish duties. If you would like to volunteer to be a Minister of the Eucharist, contact Ann Acres in the parish office.