Roof Update

Published on August 7, 2020

St. Patrick’s church has served the people of Monkstown for over 150 years.

St. Patrick’s church has served the people of Monkstown for over 150 years. Most from this area will remember with joy celebrating the first great big events of their lives there – receiving the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. As adults, others will remember coming to St. Patrick’s Church to be married. And still others will remember in sadness the Requiem Masses celebrated there for loved ones before they were brought to their place of rest: Glad they had such a sacred place to commend their dead to the Lord – and to give thanksgiving for the gift they were to their own kin. Indeed many from the area not from the Roman Catholic tradition have fond memories of just dropping in to spend a while in quite prayer or to light a candle.

Biggest Struggle of its Existence.

This parish church located in the heart of Monkstown is now facing the biggest struggle of its existence. Its roof needs total refurbishment. The consultant Engineers involved have warned: “if the work is not tackled immediately the extent of damage will increase along with the cost of the work – and pose health and safety issues…” This work is going to cost over €900,000 to complete.

Some weeks ago we said that we had submitted the tender reports on the project to refurbish the roof of our beautiful church to the relevant Diocesan committee for consideration and advice.  We have now heard back from them with their recommendations and it is hoped to begin the refurbishment work at the end of this month.  After considering the various options it was agreed to begin the work on a phased basis beginning with the upper roof and ironwork which poses the greatest risk from a health and safety point of view.  The cost of this phase with the approved professional fees is in excess of €650,000. We have enough to begin this work, from the sale of the parish house on Richmond Avenue, but not to complete it and so we seek your help and support. Any amount that you can contribute would be much appreciated.

We know that this is probably not the best of times to be beginning this project but given the professional advice we have received it is felt that we cannot put it off to a later date.  It is indeed a decision to either do the work or to close the church because of the health and safety issues arising from the corroding metal on the upper roof.  We will be truly grateful for any donations received in ensuring that St. Patrick’s parish will remain a centre of Christian worship – and whose building will continue to shine out over Monkstown, bringing God’s protection to future generations.

Fr. Kevin


Video Overview of Roof Issues

Take a look at the following short video which will provide you with an overview of the corrosion to the cast Iron finials on the roof ridge and damage to the slates.