Return to Public Mass from May 10th 

Published on May 3, 2021

We rejoice that we may begin again after four months of empty churches at times of Mass and of religious ceremonies to welcome a congregation of 50 persons. Please God we can all do so safely and that the road to social recovery will be more secure than it was before Christmas. From May 10th, Monday week, we will resume normal Mass times. That means that daily Masses will be at 10am (Mon to Fri), with weekend Masses on Sat at 6pm (vigil) and on Sunday morning at and 11:30am.

As we return to the position where up to 50 people may attend Mass we do so with caution and ask everybody to exercise vigilance. The appalling state of affairs in India, which is home to 18% of the world’s population is a sobering reminder that this virus and its increasingly dangerous variants is a global threat and will remain so for a long time. We ask everyone to wear a mask, keep 2 metres distance from others unless they are from under the same home roof, to avail of the sanitizer and respect the rules of movement when attending the church as a congregation.  In order for public worship to resume safely from Monday 10th May we will again be indebted to these volunteers and will need their help so that we will be ready for that date.


As there is a limit of 50 people allowed for funerals, we would ask our parishioners who attend mass daily to either attend mass in a neighbouring parish if possible or to attend online so allow the bereaved family and mourners to avail of the 50 places.  We post details of funerals on our website (see the “Death Notices” button on the side menu.