St. Patrick’s Church, Monkstown, Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Plan


February 2012

Parish Pastoral Council Members

Fr. Michael Coady (President), Robert Burke, Gina Condell, Elizabeth Dinn, Maeve Dwyer, Breda Flynn, Bill Herlihy, Rhona Hutchinson (Secretary), Kevin Liston (Chairperson), Rosita McHugh, John McCoy, Andrew O’Callaghan, Bernard O’Sullivan and Pat Ryan

Mission Statement

At our meeting on the 7th February 2011 we adopted the following Mission Statement:

“Guided by the Holy Spirit, our mission is to enable parishioners to share their gifts, celebrate our community, welcome and support each other through participation in the life of the parish.”

Some Considerations in adopting the Parish Pastoral Plan

Over the period from September 2011 to January 2012 we deliberated on the needs of the parish as the key component of the Parish Pastoral Plan. We gave particular attention to the views expressed by parishioners at the Parish Assembly held in the Parish Centre on the 26th September 2010. Initially, having identified six major areas of need, we came up with a range of 27 different actions that might be taken to address these various needs. We realised that we had to be realistic about what was achievable and for the purpose of the present plan we have reduced the number to the 12 actions listed below.

Some actions will take much longer time to complete than others. Most of the various parish needs addressed will require continuous attention. The plan will cover a period of twelve months approximately but we have chosen not to set a time scale for the completion of any particular action. We recognise that some of the work involved will develop organically even to the extent that particular actions may over time be reshaped. In carrying out these various actions we will strive, as stated in our Mission Statement, to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

The role of the members of the Parish Pastoral Council, again as is apparent from our Mission Statement, is to act as “enablers”. That is not to say that we are not “doers”. We are doers also but, as part of our determination to undertake the actions we have chosen to take, we will reach out for support from parishioners. The greater the participation of parishioners in the life of the parish the more vibrant the parish will be.


The outcome of our deliberations was the formation of twelve working groups, formed around the six major areas of need which we identified. They are:


   Areas of Need


  Working Groups

Participation in the Life of the Parish


Organise a recruitment drive to encourage more parishioners to get involved.

Elizabeth, Gina, Bill





Enhance existing Newsletter

Maeve, Rhona


Compile a directory of parishioners currently actively involved in the parish

Rhona, Rosita, John


Develop a welcome pack, a Who’s Who of the parish – geared to welcoming new parishioners and non-nationals to the parish.

Rosita, Robert, John


Development of 
New Ministries          



Establish a Funeral Ministry

Fr. Michael, Bill


Establish a Baptism Ministry

Fr. Michael, Pat, Breda, Andrew


Develop a Youth Ministry team to encourage the involvement of younger people in the life of the parish

Pat, Gina, Bernard, Kevin


Faith  Formation/

Prayer and Spirituality

Organise a series of talks on elements of Christianity

Organise spiritual retreats

Elizabeth, Maeve, Kevin


Outreach to Others

Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue, first initiative – MC3

Elizabeth, Rhona, Fr. Michael


New Parish Amenities



Tea/Coffee daily after 10am Mass in the Parochial House

Breda, Pat, Bill, Bernard


Develop an active retirement group

Bill, Breda


Investigate the feasibility of establishing a webcam in the 
parish church to relay Mass to sick parishioners in their homes.

Rosita, Robert




Volunteers Most Welcome!

 It will have been noted that one of the actions to be taken listed above is “Organise a recruitment drive to encourage more parishioners to get involved” and that we also aim to develop new ministries in the parish. 

We would encourage parishioners who are not already involved in the life of the parish to give consideration to becoming involved, either in the implementation of the actions listed above or in any of the existing lay ministries or services provided by the parish. Anybody who is willing to become involved should contact either the parish secretary, Ann Acres at the parish office, telephone number – 2802130, or the Parish Pastoral Council itself by emailing us at our email address at One of  our members will make contact with any person who indicates he or she wishes to get involved.  

February 2012