Stained Glass at St Patrick's

Michael O Connor, stained glass artist operated a studio in Dublin until 1842, and in London thereafter.  The windows at St Patrick's are from his London studio.  There is a large portfolio of his work in the Buckinghamshire area documented here.  The Gold Medal for Stained Glass was awarded to the O’Connor Studios, at the International Exhibition (1862) London.  In 1998, the windows were examined by Ken Ryan of Abbey Stained Glass Studios, and renovation work was undertaken.

The following is a sample of the stained glass windows.  Click any image for enlargement

Life of St Patrick images

Each of the 7 main windows in the chancel has a pair of images from the life of St Patrick in the lower one-third of the window, making 14 images in total.  Of these, 10 are shown below.  The 4 images not shown comprise two from the early life and two from the late period, one of which is a deathbed scene. 

St Patrick in Slavery (left)
St Patrick minding sheep (right)


St Patrick with angel whilst in slavery (Left)
St Patrick with the Pope (Right)


St Patrick converting native population (Left)
St Patrick baptising converts (Right)


St Patrick with Chariot (Left)
St Patrick with Stonemasons (Right)

St Patrick with church in background (Left)
St Patrick with high king (Right)

Images of Irish Saints - Ss Bridget, Kevin, Laurence O Toole


Other Saints - Ss Michael, Peter, Margarita, Teresa, Thomas Acquinis


Christ and the Holy Family


Rose Window & Chancel Windows